Monday, May 19, 2008

:: here's to a new season ::

Hey peeps :)

I've moved.

Here's to a new season. *cheers*

In case you didn't get it :

See you there!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

:: eye-opening ::

OA was brilliant.

I'm exhausted, but happily so :)

Highlights :
#1. The 3.5 hour hike in was no joke. The 3 hour hike out was better. Somewhat. But still not a joke. *predicts that Ellie will be bedridden in the morning*
#2. It was fun sleeping in the hut. Even if i *did* wake up multiple times to yelping dogs, crowing roosters and the fact that the hut moved everytime someone walked/sat/stood up.
#3. OA services are awesome. The worship especially :)
#4. Preaching in front of people you don't know, in a language you only used back in your hometown, plus KIDS running all over the place, was very interesting.
#5. Bathing in the river is not my cup of tea. It was a hair-standing experience. Lol. I was the only one who came out *bright* pink from head to toe.
#6. Baby "lurs" (wildboar) run kids over. Literally.
#7. My little brown boy. Ah, i miss that cute little fat face. He's unsaved. Will have to keep praying for him :)
#8. OA kids have the shortest attention span ever. I am no match for them.
#9. I didn't get to cook for OA. But we sure had good food :D Mah Ling rocks.
#10. A great team :) Ah, the funny moments will definitely be cherished. "What happens in OA, stays in OA....for awhile." ;)
#11. I pooped under the stars :D After half an hour of choosing the *perfect* spot.

Last but not least...

#12. I miss it already :(

Elder Joy was right. You'll always feel a lil' bit of something when you leave OA to the normal routine of *life*. I had to jump straight into assignments. Which, i can't put it in any other way but "sucks".

It was nice without having a phone beeping. Or a watch to tell you what time it is. It was nice being away from the lappie. It was nice...taking it slow.

I think i speak for every other OA team and my own when i say that it's an experience worth going for. Worth every cent, sweat and energy. And sleep too (considering how i was rushing my assignments before going).

Bottomline : I'd go again :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

:: excitings ::

I'm so excited. I am! I am! I am! *bounces*

Wheeeeee!!!! Ellie's going for OA!!!! *beams*

Shucks. I'm so excited sampai tak boleh tidur. Macam mana laaaaaa....


*heads to bed and dreams of chasing wildboars*

To the rest of you city people, be goods now! ;)
...and do pray for the team who's going out. Elder Joy, Lucas, BenJi, Eunice, Yvonne and i! We need your prayers ;) Thank you!

:: mulling over ::

3 down, 1 more to go. Oh, and one presentation on Tuesday too.

I got so caught up with the busy-ness of assignments, i didn't even get the opportunity to get excited for OA. Sure, it was somewhere in the back of my head, but this was/is something that i've looked forward to since....the beginning of last year!

Then, i was planning my schedule to go for OA in a time that was *convenient* for me to go.

How ironic it is that i'm now going at a time where i'm most bogged down in the semester. *smirks*

Ah, God. Your thoughts and Your ways are definitely higher than mine. I pray that i'll go in peace, knowing that there's still one more assignment to hand in. Consolation : it's only worth 10%. Note the only. *grin*

We will fly way up high
Where the cold wind blows
Or in the sun, laughing and having fun
With the people that she knows
And if the situation should keep us separated
You know the world won't fall apart
And you will free the beautiful bird
That's caught inside your heart

Can't you hear her?
Oh she cries so loud
Casts her wild note
Over water and cloud

That's the way it's gonna be, little darlin'
We'll be riding on the horses, yeah
Way up in the sky, little darlin'
And if you fall I'll pick you up, pick you up

Don't worry 'bout a thing little girl
Because I was young myself not so long ago
And when I was young, when I was young
And when I was young, oh I was a wild, wild one.
-Horses-Rickie Lee Jones-

I'm excited now. Am looking forward to the during and the afters.



On another note, you've changed. *thoughtfully* I can't put my finger on what it does to me though. Oh wells.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

:: ta-da! ::

..."keep running, running..." *sings to the tune of Dory's song in Finding Nemo*


I'm not crazy, i'm just a little unwell. *nods solemnly*

Thank you for the stuffies all the way from US. Am enjoying my storybook and CD's :)

Who says good things come in small packages? *beams*

Sunday, May 11, 2008

:: what can i do ::

I'm tired.

There's only so much I can take
And I just got to let it go
And who knows I might feel better, yeah
If I don't try and I don't hope.

Maybe there's nothing more to say
And in a funny way I'm calm
Because the power is not mine
I'm just going to let it fly.
-What Can I Do-The Corrs-

How do you not get affected by words? Whether if its verbal or written?
How do you know if someone really means what he or she says?
How do you ignore paper cuts?
How do you make a difference in the little things?
How do you cling unto things and people even though they disappoint?

I know i need a break. We all do, sometimes. But, Lord, i think i may have forgotten how to give myself one.

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?" - Jeremiah 17:9

So harsh. So true.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

:: 2 down, 2 more to go ::

Ah, Lord. Remind me again why i do what i do. It's 1.30am and once again i'm drawn to thoughts of how i need to depend on You.

For my two finished assignments...Lord, Your favor and blessings.

For my unfinished two assignments...Lord, Your strength.

For my untranslated OA message...Lord, Your wisdom.

For my short attention span to complete the above...Lord, Your patience.

For my lack of tact to those around me...Lord, Your love and grace.

For my wildest dreams and desires...Lord, Your will.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not in your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." - Proverbs 3:5-6

So i hold on.